Your gifts powerfully impact our community

Of Kindness and Kin Local Family Shares Legacy of Generosity

“The staff not only address the immediate physical needs of the patient, they address the emotional needs of the whole family.”

-Alison Luckman
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All for One and One for All

“I’m constantly amazed by the compassion of the people here.”

-Liz Corker
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The Little Things that Count

“Erin has helped me so many times. She has done so much—above and beyond the call of duty.”

-Sue Gibson

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A Commitment to Community: The Legacy of Dayle Fowler

“In passing, Dayle wanted to remember those institutions that meant so much to her in life.”

-Norm Leopold
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All in the Family Investments in education deliver benefits for all

“How could I not want to do this for a living?”

-Erika Monjaras, RN

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Generosity makes pediatrics possible

The Stevens family is very familiar with the difficulty of traveling for pediatric care. "It's been nice to have Dr. Adrian just down the road," Haley says. "He is incredibly kind and has a special way with my kids."

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Nursing excellence enhances care

"I see the impact of philanthropy on patient care more than any other place I have worked."

-- Jonathan Edwards, RN

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Emergency expertise beats stroke

“Barbara is alive and thriving today because of the good work of our emergency responders and well coordinated emergency care.”

-- Dr. Keith Sivertson

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A legacy of giving

"I have always felt that this hospital is incredibly important to the community."

-- Jennifer Halverson

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