Your gifts powerfully impact our community

Healing through Innovation

Roland Wood is a native Idahoan, born and raised in Burley. Now 68, Wood worked for many years as a farmer and later as a field representative for Dairy Farmers of America. With a lifetime spent working the land combined with 40 years of officiating high school sports, it’s not surprising Roland h
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All in the Family

Terri and Dr. Rick LeFaivre like to give back. They have a long history of helping, volunteering and giving back to the communities in which they live.   Terri is a member of St. Luke’s Wood River Volunteer Core Board and has logged more than 3000 hours as a hospital volunteer. She also manag
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A Place to Heal

“2016 was the best year of my life!” Bill Norris emphatically declared sitting in his beautiful Valley Club home with his wife, Adrian.  “I learned about the quality of American medicine, learned more about myself, grew my spiritual life, and grew my relationships with my friends, my wife, an
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A Gift of Life

Liz Shumway, Ketchum local, ski instructor extraordinaire and personal assistant, knows how to keep everyone organized and on track.  However, in taking care of others, Liz forgot to keep her own preventative care on course. It had been too many years since Liz had had her last mammogram; she knew
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Of Kindness and Kin Local Family Shares Legacy of Generosity

“The staff not only address the immediate physical needs of the patient, they address the emotional needs of the whole family.”

-Alison Luckman
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All for One and One for All

“I’m constantly amazed by the compassion of the people here.”

-Liz Corker
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The Little Things that Count

“Erin has helped me so many times. She has done so much—above and beyond the call of duty.”

-Sue Gibson

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A Commitment to Community: The Legacy of Dayle Fowler

“In passing, Dayle wanted to remember those institutions that meant so much to her in life.”

-Norm Leopold
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All in the Family Investments in education deliver benefits for all

“How could I not want to do this for a living?”

-Erika Monjaras, RN

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Generosity makes pediatrics possible

The Stevens family is very familiar with the difficulty of traveling for pediatric care. "It's been nice to have Dr. Adrian just down the road," Haley says. "He is incredibly kind and has a special way with my kids."

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