Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmill

The Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill uses a partial weight bearing technology for rehabilitation and helps improve athletic performance.

St. Luke’s Clinic – Mental Health

A long-time dream was realized with the opening of St. Luke’s Clinic – Mental Health, which brought a full-time psychiatrist and broadened the scope of mental health services in the valley.

Compassionate Care Program

The Keith Sivertson, MD Compassionate Care Program encourages health and healing by helping provide access to supplemental health care resources to patients with significant financial hardship.

3D State-of-the-art mammography

State-of-the-art mammography technology provides earlier detection of breast cancer, greater accuracy in pinpointing abnormalities and fewer unnecessary procedures.

Spinal Robotics Navigation

First Spinal Robotics Navigation system purchased in the state of Idaho to assist surgeons performing minimally invasive spine surgery.

Infusion Center

A new Infusion Center opened to radically improve the patient experience and doubled the capacity for infusion and chemotherapy care.

A full-time pediatrician

For the first time in over a decade, the hospital welcomed a full-time pediatrician thanks to the Pediatric Services Endowment in the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation. Generous community members established this fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of pediatric services.

COVID-19 Testing

Nearly 3,000 COVID-19 viral detection tests administered by the COVID Outreach Wood River collaboration, a partnership of the SLWR Foundation and Dr. Tom Archie. Of these, 244 tests were positive. The program also confirmed the first variants in Blaine County.

COVID-19 Clinical Priorities

Nearly $1 million invested in clinical priorities stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, including rapid testing technology and community testing programs, decreasing testing turnaround times from weeks to one day.

Family Health Services Clinic

$1 million invested in the new Family Health Services Clinic in Bellevue, which provides access to comprehensive health care services to every member of our community.