Legacy Society

Legacy Society members are individuals or couples who have generously planned for the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation in their wills or trusts, or have made other forms of planned and deferred gifts. These types of donations help ensure that we can continue to support health care excellence long in to the future.

We are grateful to the following individuals and couples who have included the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation in their estate plans:

Myrle and Buzz* Bradshaw

Dayle Fowler*

Gay and Bill Fruehling

Hilary Furlong

Benjamin Holmes and Carol Scheifele-Holmes

Judith A. Jellinek

David H. Lindow

P. Scott McLean Jr., MD

Joan Donaldson Robb Mickelson*

James O. Moore

Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy

Keith T. Sivertson, MD

Martha* and Travis Reed

Rolande and James Vaughn

Delores and William Winslow*


*In memoriam