Planned Giving

“To leave the world a bit better…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you plan for your future you make several important decisions. One of those carefully planned decisions may be to create a lasting impact through a legacy gift. Legacy giving is a meaningful way to make a difference that will endure beyond your lifetime, impacting the lives of generations to come.

We invite you to create your legacy today by joining St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation’s Legacy Society. Legacy Society members are those extraordinary individuals who shape the future by including St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation in their estate plans and inspire others to become leaders in legacy giving.

Donors are invited to become a Legacy Society member by informing us that they have made or intend to make, an estate gift that includes St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation. Letting us know your estate planning intentions creates no obligation, but it does help us to assist you in fulfilling your philanthropic goals.

If you have included the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know. We would like to honor you, make sure the purpose of your gift is understood, assist you through our Friends of the Hospital program and welcome you to our Legacy Society.

We are here to help with your legacy giving questions. Please contact Marsha Edwards at (208) 727-8416 or for more information.

Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society members are an exceptional group of individuals committed to ensuring health and healing for generations to come. We are grateful to the following individuals and couples who are shaping the future by sharing their intentions to include St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation in their estate plans.

Peggy and John Baker
Myrle and Buzz* Bradshaw
John and Roger DeBard, DeBard Johnson Foundation, Inc.
Dayle Fowler*
Gay and Bill Fruehling
Hilary Furlong
Johni Hays
Benjamin Holmes and Carol Scheifele-Holmes
Judith A. Jellinek
Susie King
David H. LindowScott McLean Jr., MD
Joan Donaldson Robb Mickelson*
Roger* and Ruth Miller
*In memoriam

James O. Moore, Jr.
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Kim Nalen
Robert and Lynne Nicholson
Adrian and William* Norris
Martha* and Travis Reed
Beth Riall
Keith T. Sivertson, MD
The Jaclyn and Sydney Rosenberg Foundation
By Nancy and Brad Rosenberg
Adam and Megan Tanous
Rolande and James Vaughn
Buddy Wilton and Shay Doll
Delores and William Winslow*