All in the Family

Terri and Dr. Rick LeFaivre like to give back. They have a long history of helping, volunteering and giving back to the communities in which they live.


Terri is a member of St. Luke’s Wood River Volunteer Core Board and has logged more than 3000 hours as a hospital volunteer. She also manages the all-volunteer run St. Luke’s Wood River Gift Shop. Since its inception, the hospital’s gift shop has produced thousands of dollars for a variety of projects including the Infusion Center, Women’s Imaging Center, and Pediatric Endowment. Last year Terri was recognized for her hard work, named as the 2016 St. Luke’s Wood River Volunteer of the Year. “The award was such a surprise and very special,” she said.


Rick serves on three local non-profit boards as well as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Board. He is also the co-founder of the Ketchum Innovation Center. He was a natural fit to help build the innovation center given his extensive experience as a computer scientist, professor, R&D executive, venture investor and board member.


Last fall, when Rick knew he needed surgery because of incredible pain and limitations his knee was placing on his lifestyle, he brought his scientific background to his care decision.


“I’m a researcher by nature and I started asking questions. I discovered that Matt Kopplin, M.D. was very grounded in the latest thinking in orthopedic surgery. For every question I asked him, he had a research backed answer. I really liked him,” Rick said.


Dr. Kopplin, an orthopedic surgeon, moved to the valley last year. He specializes in hip and knee replacement surgeries and has specific interest in accelerated recovery programs, which is well suited for patients enjoying active lifestyles.


Rick could have gone anywhere for care, but he and Terri chose to have his knee replacement surgery at St. Luke’s Wood River with Dr. Kopplin. “Overall, it was a great experience. I was very impressed with Dr. Kopplin and the whole team at St. Luke’s Wood River. “The whole process was really, really nice—if you can say a knee replacement is nice. But, the pain went away, and that was nice!”


Rick recovered quickly and the couple are back enjoying the Wood River Valley with their kids and grandkids. They discovered this extraordinary place thanks to their daughter, Christy Giles, a fellow Sun Valley resident, who came on ski trips with her University of Washington sorority sisters. Christy touted the wonderful community and recreational opportunities. Before they knew it, Rick and Terri owned a second home in Elkhorn. When they decided to retire, they thought “we ought to see how we like living there full time.” That was almost six years ago. When they first moved here full time, they wondered, “Is it going to be big enough?” but they quickly realized there is plenty to do.


Ever busy through their numerous community involvements and enjoying good health, Rick claims, “We’re failing at retirement.”