The St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation is led by its Board of Directors, which comprises community members of diverse backgrounds with a shared commitment to achieving excellence in health care for the community.

St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation Board


Sheila Fryberger, President
Lou Ann Terry, Vice-president
Caren Harris, Secretary

McNair Bailey
Hanley Dawson
Roger DeBard
Sally Gillespie
Cody Langbehn, SLWR Administrator
Jim Luckman
Cynthia Murphy, SLWR Board of Directors
Deb Robertson, MD
Neil Ryan
Keith Sivertson, MD
Becky Smith
Lou Ann Terry
Megan Thomas, Chief Development Officer
Jon Thorson, MD
Mary Williams, SLWR Volunteer Core
E. Carlton “Buddy” Wilton, Past President

Committee Members
John Monson
Erin Pfaeffle

Emeritus Council
Judy Atkinson
Lynn Campion-Waddell
Nancy Cord
Michael Engl
Geri Herbert
Ben Holmes
Wilson McElhinny
Bud Purdy*
Martha Reed*
Shirley Renick*
Gordon Russell
Will Storey

*In memoriam