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Your consideration of a legacy gift to St. Luke's Wood River Foundation is deeply appreciated. A planned gift is arguably the most meaningful charitable gift you can make: It involves deciding what you want your legacy to be, how you want to make it, and who you trust to carry it out.

Through planned giving, donors establish their personal financial goals in a well-conceived charitable estate plan that includes a gift to a charitable institution like the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation. Planned giving represents an enormous opportunity to gain income and tax benefits through philanthropy.

Because the method of creating a planned gift is a highly personalized decision, the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation has teamed with Thompson & Associates, a national estate planning firm with over 15 years of experience, to offer friends of St. Luke's  complimentary charitable estate planning services. 

At St. Luke's Wood River Foundation, we know that your estate represents a lifetime of hard work, planning and sacrifice—and something even more important, your values.  For most people, preparing to transfer their assets in a way that preserves the integrity and initiative of their loved ones ranks as one of life’s great challenges.

That’s why the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation is pleased to offer the services of Thompson & Associates, who will work with you to find the planned giving option that best suits your personal goals and to identify potential funding opportunities.

Gifts to the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation can be made in one of two ways. Unrestricted contributions are applied where the need is greatest. Restricted contributions are made to a specific program or service, such as to purchase new equipment, sustain vital medical services or fund  innovative community health programs. If you are considering a planned gift, St. Luke's Wood River Foundation can help you identify potential funding opportunities.

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valuable estate planning advice offered

Click here to learn more about SLWR Foundation's charitable estate planning services through Thompson & Associates. 

Legacy lives on

Joan Donaldson Robb Mickelson lived an active life, enjoying tennis, golf and skiing.  Given her active life, Joan appreciated the security of knowing advanced medical services were available in the Wood River Valley. Joan chose the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation as a benficiary of her estate. Joan’s legacy lives on in the lives of many patients who are helped by her generosity. Join the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation's Legacy Society.

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