Complimentary estate planning services offered


Because the method of creating a planned gift is a highly personalized decision, the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation has teamed with Thompson & Associates, a national estate planning consulting firm. 

Thompson & Associates provides complimentary charitable estate planning services, leading individuals and families through a personalized and comprehensive estate planning process. This is a no cost, no obligation, yet thoroughly valuable experience, that will take action to minimize taxes and distribute assets to the appropriate heirs.

In the process, a portion of an estate can be donated to one or more charitable entities, such as the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation.  

Benefits of planning:

Confidentiality is one of the several benefits to using St. Luke's Wood River Foundation's connection with Thompson & Associates for estate-planning purposes. Others include:

  • There is no fee. The St. Luke's Wood River Foundation offers this service free of charge.
  • You work with an unbiased third party.
  • You receive a thoughtful, values based process that focus on your objectives.
  • There is no time limit. Individuals/families work at their own pace.
  • There is no competition with existing advisors. Thompson & Associates does not draft documents or sell products.

For more information or to meet with Allan Fisher, please contact Megan Thomas (208) 727-8444 or

Eddie Thompson founder of Thompson & Associates.

Meet Allan Fisher

Allan D. Fisher, Ed.D., CFRE serves Thompson and Associates as Vice President of the Northwest region and is the charitable estate planner to friends of the St. Luke's Wood River Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding the Thompson & Associates charitable estate planning process.

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