Advancing Operating Room Technology

Community generosity made possible two new fully-Integrated Operating Rooms with ceiling mounted high definition monitors that provide up close views of the surgical field, offering greater clarity to distinguish between various tissues and organs.  Prior to the installation of this technology, it was not uncommon for surgeons to have to step away from a patient’s side during a procedure to view x-rays on light boxes or wall mounted screens located across the room. Now, they can call-up x-rays on the monitors located just above the operating room table.

This technology also includes a voice command feature which allows surgeons to take photos of the surgical field, manipulate the zoom range on the surgical camera, and change the brightness of the OR lights with their voice, rather than making a request of the nurse or manipulating equipment. 

This equipment, which few critical access hospitals in the northwest have, is the same technology used at major urban medical centers across the country such as Stanford Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic. 


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