Advanced Imaging Capabilities


Idaho's First 16-Slice CT Scanner

The addition of a 16-slice CT Scanner in 2004, fully funded by philanthropy, has provided more detailed images in a shorter amount of time, helping doctors diagnose and treat illness and injury more effectively.  This upgraded service offers higher quality studies with better image resolution in a matter of minutes; the ability to study in detail areas of the brain affected by stroke so that appropriate treatment can be determined sooner; early detection of lung and colon cancers, calcium buildup in the coronary arteries, blood clots in the lungs; and detailed, multi-dimensional images of bone fractures for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

On-site MRI Imaging

The installation of a fixed site MRI in 2002, that was paid for by community philanthropy, helped speed the diagnosis of injury, particularly in emergency medicine, limit the impact of illnesses, and ultimately save lives.  Approximately 1,056 MRI scans were performed at SLWR last year, which is an approximately 50% increase over the number performed when MRI services were available only two days a week.


Idaho's first 16-Slice CT Scanner debuted at St. Luke's Wood River, made possible by community generosity.
Community generosity funded the first 16-Slice CT Scanner to be installed in Idaho. It provides detailed images to treat illness and injury more effectively. 

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