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Expanding PediAtrics Services

Many young patients with serious medical issues leave the Wood River Valley for medical care. Recognizing the importance of high quality pediatric care, several community members have expressed a desire to have pediatric care available for their children and grandchildren in the Wood River Valley. 

Given the size of our community and the sub-specialization of pediatrics, providing pediatric care in the Wood River Valley is a complex issue.  Understanding the complexity of pediatric care and recognizing that there is a strong desire for access to general and subspecialty pediatric services, the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation has worked closely and partnered with the hospital to find an innovative solution to help address the need for pediatric services in our community. 

To improve access to pediatric care, St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center will provide one day per week of general pediatric consultative services at the St. Luke’s Family Medicine in Hailey. In addition, the hospital plans to bring pediatric subspecialists to the community on a regular basis to provide specialized care for children.

As with many of the extraordinary medical services available in our community—paramedic level emergency response, board certified ER physicians, state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities—philanthropy plays a key role in making these high levels of health care services available. Pediatrics is not an exception.  

 In order to make this service available as soon as possible, St. Luke’s has committed to provide start up support to fund pediatric services.  To ensure the long-term sustainability of pediatric services, the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation is working to raise a $1 million endowment. In partnership, generous community philanthropy and a commitment from the hospital will make pediatrics a reality in our community.

Committing to this project will help ensure that all children in the Wood River Valley will have sustained and regular access to expert pediatric services.  Ultimately, it is hoped that investing in a regular presence for pediatric services in our community will lead to a full-time, self-sustaining pediatrician in the future.  

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