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Substance abuse is a problem facing every community in America. The Wood River Valley is no exception. The rate of alcohol and drug abuse among Wood River Valley kids is alarming and far exceeds national averages.

In 2009, the Blaine County Drug Coalition surveyed all sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth grade students about substance use. Blaine County students self-reported a significantly higher usage rate of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, than students in Idaho and the nation. The results were frightening.

In Blaine County:

  • 29% of 8th graders reported drinking alcohol in the last month
  • 29% of 10th graders reported using marijuana in the prior month
  • 46% of 12th graders used an illicit drug in the past month

The Blaine County Community Drug Coalition is dedicated to its mission of improving the health and safety of our community by decreasing alcohol and other drug use among our youth. The Coalition engages in comprehensive work to change community norms, attitudes, behaviors, systems and environments by intervening through prevention, treatment and enforcement.

The Hospital and Foundation recognize that the work of the Drug Coalition addresses a growing community health need and that partnering with an existing non-profit will improve the health of people in our region. In the spirit of partnership and commitment to health, the SLWR Foundation is working to help the Blaine County Community Drug Coalition build a $1.5 million endowment to sustain its efforts over the long-term.

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