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The state of Idaho is severely lacking mental health services—Idaho currently ranks 50th in the nation when it comes to access to psychiatric providers—and the Wood River Valley is no exception. Last year, the Department of Health and Welfare closed its offices in Bellevue. There was a significant concern that the closing of the offices and subsequent reduction in mental health services would have a dramatic impact on the health of our community. 

An additional blow to mental health services came last summer with the departure of our primary community-based psychiatrist, Dr. Christopher Reyburn.  His departure created a dangerous void in psychiatric care in our county. The need for mental health services has never been greater.

In response to the urgent need for services, the Medical Center in partnership with the Foundation is developing a well coordinated mental health program.  The expansion of mental health services is closely coordinated with the St. Luke’s Health System. As mental health is now a top health system priority, Wood River will have access to shared leadership, outcomes measures, and treatment models.

St. Luke’s believes that investments in the treatment of underlying mental health issues, particularly for those with limited or no resources, is crucial to the health of our community.

To this end, St. Luke’s Wood River is building an outpatient mental health clinic and developing a well coordinated mental health network. The Medical Center plans to employ a full-time psychiatrist and two full-time licensed mental health providers. Together, this team will offer well-coordinated outpatient mental health services in a dedicated space in the St. Luke’s Hailey Clinic. 

Philanthropy will make it possible to launch a well coordinated mental health network to improve the health of our community.

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Steve Gannon lost his son Dex to suicide as a result of mental illness. Virtually every family in this community will be touched by mental illness at some point. 

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