Mission & Vision

Mission: To accelerate the advancement of innovative programs and services that fundamentally improve health care experiences in our community.

Vision: To guarantee the availability of resources and community expertise for achieving excellence in health care.

Generosity is the foundation for exceptional health care in the Wood River Valley. The legacy began when St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center, a not-for-profit community hospital, was built and equipped through the generosity of donors who envisioned world-class health care in the Wood River Valley. In the years since, generous community philanthropy has made it possible to provide programs and services that are positively changing the future of our hospital and community health. Read about the impact of your generosity

A proven track record
St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation is a staffed 501c (3) non-profit fundraising organization with a proven track record of raising more than $30 million to support exceptional health care and innovative health and wellness programs in the Wood River Valley.

The Healing Garden at St. Luke's Wood River
A young patient enjoys Pet Therapy in the Healing Garden.

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