2010 Donors

St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, foundations, and corporations who made contributions January 1 through December 31, 2010. These generous benefactors are helping to accelerate the advancement of innovative programs and services that fundamentally improve health care experiences in our community.

Gifts of $100,000 or more

Anonymous (1)
Argyros Family Foundation, Julia and George    
Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation, Julie Wrigley

Gifts between $50,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (1)
St. Luke’s Wood River Volunteer Core Board

Gifts between $25,000 - $49,999

Margaret and John Baker
The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation, Anthony and Mariana Paen
The Ambrose Monell Foundation


Gifts between $10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (1)
The George and June Block Family Foundation
The Otis Booth Foundation, Lynn Booth
Boswell Family Foundation, Barbara Wallace Boswell, Theresa and Terry Williams, Lorraine and Ron Wilcox
Martin Djos Family Foundation
The Caleb C. and Julia W. Dula Foundation, Letitia and Sage Wightman
Ginny and Peter Foreman
Deana and Morley Golden
Cynthia and Z. Wayne Griffin
Carol and Len Harlig
Mr. and Mrs. William Hill
Judith A. and Frank H. Jellinek Jr. Family Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Courtney and Steven Kapp

Jan and John Kee
The Kemmerer Family Foundation, Ward Gray
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Boise Affiliate
Koret Foundation, Chris and Michael Boskin
Bonnie and Peter Kremer
Alison and James Luckman
The David D. MacMillan Family Foundation, Karen and David MacMillan
Marmot Foundation, Miren and Willis du Pont
Martha and Travis Reed
Julian Robertson
Victoria and James Warmington
Buddy and Shay Wilton
Wodecroft Foundation, Martine and Dan Drackett and Mrs. Roger Drackett
Priscilla and Ward Woods

Gifts between $5,000 - $9,999

Jerry Blank
Candida and Bartlett Burnap
Jeff, Kathy, Jack, and Robert Cilek
Andrea and Timothy Collins
The Carlos A. Cordeiro Foundation
Deer Creek Fund of the Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation, Lynn Campion-Waddell, Theodore Waddell, Ashley Campion, Berit Campion
Wattis Dumke Foundation, Sue and Ed Dumke
Tracy and Timothy Flaherty
Betty and Peter Gray
The Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Jodie and Daniel Hunt
Joyce and Larry Lacerte
Jeanne and Bill Landreth
Maureen O’Keefe-Wing and Vern Wing

Brittain and Peter Palmedo
Jane and Kris Popovich
Terri and Blake Quinn
Lois Rosen
Bill and Sharon Shubin
Diane and Tom Smith
Janet Taggares
Christal and Jeff Taylor
Lou Ann and Sean Terry
The Frances L. Wolfson Fund at Dade Community Foundation and Mitchell Wolfson Senior Foundation, Jeri Wolfson
Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation
Ann and Robert Wright
Stanley R. Zax

Gifts between $2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous (2)
The William Chinnick Charitable Foundation, Nancy and William Swaney
Stephen and Renee Claman
Sherry Daech
Adrienne Edens
John and Dee Fery
Sandra and James Figge
Charlotte Ford
Cynthia and Edsel Ford
Gay and Bill Fruehling
JoAnn and Julian Ganz
Tod and Barbara Hamachek
Carol Scheifele-Holmes and Benjamin Holmes
Edina G. and Philip D. Jennison
Alice and Bob Lane
Inge-Lise and Jack Lane
David and Lana Latchford
Patt and Dominic Mannino
Sue and Robert McCollum
David Meyers

Margot and Mitch Milias
Sara and Scott Nelson
Sally and William Neukom
The Ochsman Foundation, Inc., Esther and Michael Ochsman
Jana Paley
PECO Foundation, Bonnie and Peter Curran, MDs
Michelle Dumke-Praggastis and Thomas Praggastis
Jennifer and Peter Roberts
William and Sarah Robertson
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
Shirley and Ralph Shapiro
Becky and Pete Smith
Richard and Judith Smooke
Joni and John Stright
Charles and Cynthia Tillinghast
Denise and Donald Timmons
Rolande and James Vaughn
Tim White
Ann Agnew Woolley and Buzz Woolley
Bob and Patience Ziebarth

Gifts between $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (4)
Don and Judy Atkinson
Ann and Ted Baker
Nancy and Reid Barker
Ruth and Jake Bloom
Maralyn Burnley Blume and John K. Blume, Sr.
Debbe and Spike Booth
John and Marlis Carson Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Nancy and Charlie Cord
Mrs. Joan Danforth
Judy and Anthony D’Angelo
DeBard Johnson Foundation, Janet and Roger DeBard
Carey and John Dondero
Ann and Leon Ellis, DDS
The Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
A. Billie and Louis J. Feher
Julie Firestone
Joe Bauwens and Marybeth Flower
Hilary and Bryan Furlong
Elaine and John French
Carol and Scott Glenn
Marge and Harvey Gray
Susan and Daniel Guggenheim
Shirley and Harry Hagey
Hare Family Foundation, Richard Hare, Susan Hare
Lynne and Timothy Harris
Ursula and David Hinson
Marianne and Bob Honey
Martha and Ross Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Tim P. Johnson
Rod Kagan
Joseph J. Keon

Bob and Debby Law
Robert N. Lieder
Marta and Ignacio Lozano
Dawn and Charles Matthiesen
Louise and William McCann
Rosalie McGee
P. Scott McLean Jr., MD
Carolyn and John Menne
Jennifer and Jim Milgard
E. A. Mishkin
James O. Moore Foundation
Ann and Tom Morris
Christy and Phil Neuhoff
Sheron and Roger O’Connell
Allan Pinkerton Family
Appleton Potter Family Foundation
Bud Purdy
Daniel and Mary Reeves Foundation, Moya Bullis
Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
Jo and Bill Reynolds
Leigh and Jeff Schwartz
D. Kurt Seppi, MD
Laura and Mike Shannon
Barbara and Richard Shelton
Silver Creek Outfitters, Susie and Terry Ring
Charles Stuhlberg
The Stumph Family
Sun Valley Girls Hockey
Felisa Vanoff
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr.
Ellen and John Wallace
The J.H & C.K. Walton Fund, Jay and Candy Walton
Suzanne and Latham Williams
The Works of Grace Foundation

Gifts between $500 - $999

Drs. Charlotte and Herbert Alexander
Anonymous (Clint Andrus)
Anonymous (Charles and Emily Hart)
Anonymous (John Oscher)
Mary Jane and Samuel Armacost
Jane Bennett-Munro, MD
Rebecca Follo and Thomas Bentley
Brian and Susan Buckley
Micki and Dan Chapin
Carol and John Corson
John W. Davis
Stacey and Lance Doby
Noel Ellman
Feli Funke-Riehle
Rivian and Stuart Glickman
Sharon Hammer
Jon Holmquist
Diana Kapp and David Singer
Sue and Robert Karatz
Sharon Kensinger

John H. and Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation, Jill and Mark Lawrence
Edward E. Matthews
Lisa and Wilson McElhinny
Craig and Kim Nalen
Joan and Michael O’Neil
Ann and Philip Puchner
Louise and Leigh Rabel
Schwartz-Wolff Foundation
David Seidner and Leslie Kremer Seidner
Mr. and Mrs. William Shattuck
Karen M. Soracco
Cathy and Preston Strazza
Maggie and David Sturdevant
Lois Ukropina
Rosemary Haggar Vaughan
Carole Lewis and Thaddeus Walczak
Diana and Mallory Walker
Marnee and Willard Wirth

Gifts between $100 - $499

Anonymous (9)
Jane and Thomas Acomb, MD
Mary and Jon Adams
Allyson and Todd Aldrich
Kelly and Wayne Allen
Hillary and Kirk Anderson
Leila M. Angle
Barbara and Chip Angle
Thomas Archie, MD and Heidi Woog, DVM
Lexa and David Ayer
Mary Bachman and William Downing
Claire and Lynn Bailey
Sharon and Dr. Jack Bandrevics
Diane Barker
Ruby and Peter Becker
Peggy and James Berman
Victor Bernstein and Gail Landis
Polly and Eugene Biedebach
Jayne Black
Lisa Blackman
Susan and Arnold Blair
Kathleen and Hugh Blue
JoAnn Boswell
Graeme and Norah Bretall—Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Mayra Brito
Kristine Brock
Betsy Brooks
Ashley Brown
Dorothy and Raymond Brox
Patrick and Tracey Busby, MD
Sara Jean and Dick Cardozo
Curt and Linda Chambers
John S. Chapman
Pamela Chavez
Mrs. Mary O. Cone
Missy and Peter Cook
Sherry and David Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Drury W. Cooper
Donald Copelin
Judy and John Coyne
Thomas Crais, MD
Nancy M. Crandall
Mary and Daniel Cullen
Susan and Edward Cutter
Bobbie and Art Dahl
Brack and Joanne Davis
Peggy Dean
Ceil and Anthony Dibuono
Susan and Jonathan Dolgen
Marcia Duff
Jayne Elgee
Nicky and Mark Elsbree
Rita and Jurgen Englert
Joan Espe
Karen Exon
Susan Fiscus
Joyce Fogg
David Franceschini
Carol and Paul Fremont-Smith
Margery G. Friedlander
Andrea and Marc Friedman
Carolynn Fuller
Dennis and Gail Galanter
Rosa Garcia
Kathryn and Robert Gardner
Bill Gault
John Gay
Penny and Edward Glassmeyer
Peggy Goldwyn
Edyth and David Goodman
Roger and Margaret Gould
Ms. Kelly Grabher
Theo Gund
Beth and Robert Gunton
Alex M. Hagen
Brack Hale
Cheryle S. Hall
Ann and Mark Hansen
Lelia and Frank Harrington
Gundl and John Haskell
Dick Hay
Hebert Family STX
Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel
Geri and John Herbert
Pat and Alex Higgins
Deb Hobart
Gloria and Frederick Hoedemaker, MD
Karen Hoffman
Rich and Ellen Holm
Carol and Eugene Holman
Lisa and Joe Inman
Janell M. Jackson
James Jacobson
Page and Maureen Jenner
Lisa and Dale Johnson
Laura and Scott Jordan
Sandra Jussel
Cheryl Kalenik
Ed and MaryLu Kauder

Donna Kelsey
Heather E. Kimmel
LeRoy Kingland
Karen and David Knott
Norman and Christy Krepss
Kathy Kronick
Joan Lamb
John and Andrea Laporte
Lavallee Family
Kathie Levison
Jo and Bill Lowe
William and Wanda Lynch
Lauren P. Mallea
Bruce and Charlene Malone
Katherine and James Marron
Tammy Martinez
Rebecca McCarver
Brittany McFarland
Willa and Jim McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. McNamee
Beverly McVay
Sheilia and Gerald Mells, MD
Martha and Bill Merizon
Jean D. Mickelson
Robert E. Mickelson
Suzanne Miller
Jacalyn Mizer
Patricia and Robert Molinari
Marty Moore
Susie Moore
Laura and Werner Morawitz
Imogene and William Murphy
Kelly Nicholson
Bill and Adrian Norris
Carolyn and James Nystrom
Linda and John O’Connor
Margie and Jack Oosting
John and Gloria Osberg
Matt Ostmann
Herbert and Judith Patriarche
Susie Patterson
Wendy and Alan Pesky
Donna Phebus
Amanda Pool
Marjorie Praegitzer
Maria Regalado
Jack Regan
Linda and Bernard Rosenbaum
Phyllis Houk and Mike S. Roundy
Catherine Royston
Fidel Ruiz
Esperanza Salinas
Mary and William Schoeffler
James Schwartz
Patti and Tom Shadick
Michele and Stuart Shanus
Norman and Karen Shorts
Lisa Sjoberg
Sheri and William Slater
Alison Smart
Trish Smith
Annette C. and D. William Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Smythe, Jr.
David Stansfield and Linda Drake
Karen Stevens
Georgia and Todd Stewart
Anita and Dennis Stone
Robert and Betty Stone
Nancy A. Streeter
Frances E. Streit Foundation
Renee Sussman
Michael and Lynne Sweeney
Kamaryn Tanner
Anna B. Taugher
Judith Teller Kaye
Mary and Crispin Thiessen
Penny and Ted Thomas
Megan Thomas
Leslie and Brian Thompson
Terry Thompson
Dookie and William Tingue
Thurston and Sharon Twigg-Smith
Annie and Bill Vanderbilt
Carolyn and Julian Vanwinkle
Gordon Wait
Stephen E. Wall
Nan and Bill Watkins
Juli Watson
Edward and Julie Weil
Rudy F. Weissenberg
C. Les White
Helene Wiggins
Jaci and Mason Wilkins
Barbara and Michael Wilkinson
Patricia Ann James T. Wood
Susan Woodruff
Kathryn Woods, MD and Richard Paris, MD
Esther and Richard Wooley
Patricia Wygle and Russell Moore

Gifts up to $99

Andres Alcantara
Jo Dee Alverson
Shelly Andrews
Anonymous (12)
Alondra Arevalo
Janet Barton
Marion Bass
Linden and Whitey Beck
Wendy Bell
Kathryn Beste
Edgar A. Blair
Judy Blumberg
Rachel and Kenneth Brannon
Tonia Bruess
Erin Buell
Delma Bulotti
Nicole and Nat Campbell
Elaine and Maurice Charlat
Nancy Clark
Emily Cromwell
Thomas W. Crossley
Teddie Daley
Megan Davis
Nancy Dettori
Maria Diaz
Patricia Donahue
Amy Downey
Kay Draper
Jody Draper
Robin and Sam East
Keith Eaton
Robert Evans
Leigh and James Everitt
Joan Firman
Bob Fletcher
Mary Kay and Greg Foley
Don C. Fraser
Cecelia Freilich
Clarita Galicinao
Lolo Garcia
Earlene and Paul Gibbs
Mary and Hart Gibson
Ellen and James Gillespie
Glenna A. Glover
Antonio Gomez
Christine Greenwood
Jenna and Josh Hagley
Judy Hanselman
Kimberly Hayes
Jenny Haynes
Jenny Gatehouse and Phillip Hebert
Karen Hofman
Barbara and Don Hogan
Russ Horn
Jeanette M. and Kurt F. Ingold
Cecile Jones
Harriet and Stan Joseph
Emily and Steven Karassik, MD
Jean and John Kearney
Tanya Keim
Vernon and Lucille Kelly
Shawna Kennison

Cindy Lawson-Kesting and Robert Kesting
Doran and Chris Key
Susie King
Susie Koharski
Barbara Kruse
Sonia Landeros
Holly and Herbert Lawson
Bob Layman
Jan and Robert Leyse
Deanna Lynch
Julie Lyons, MD
Merissa Marolf
Sandy Martin
Brian and Cynthia McCoy
Amber McMurdo
Shari Michaud
Mrs. Mary Mizer
Petra Morrison
Karen Morrison
Francisca Moya
Nancy Mulroney
Tara Nejezchleba
Aubrey and John Pace
Melanie Paisley
Donald and Mary Jo Palmer
Lance Parish
Yvonne Parrish-Levin
Linda and Ron Parsons
Natalie A. Perez
Larsen H. Peterson
Erin and Jeff Pfaeffle
Calysta and Matt Phillips
Kimberly Piggins
Lloyd K. Purnell Jr.
Shery Quinones
Mary Ratliff
Kerry Renner
Catherine Samway
Sara Santa
Robert Schrell
Brigid and Bass Sears
Miriam Serrano
Cherie L. Shardlow
Sandy Shaw
Hallie Shealy
Deb Shenk
Sandy and Mike Shepard
Joseph D. Snyder Family
Barbara Spallino
Debra Spitzer
Alice V. Stanley
Jenny Stireman
Delia Tamayo
Lee Thomas
Diana and George Thompson
Kelsey Thurmond
Jean Vandenberg
Janet Vincent
Patricia Weems
Dr. and Mrs. Harald Wiedemann
Nancy Winton
Helen and Milton Zerin


Matching Gift Companies

The Capital Group Companies, Inc., Patience and Bob Ziebarth
DST Systems, Inc., Martha and Travis Reed
The David and Lucille Packard Foundation, Priscilla and Ward Woods




Honor and Memorial Gifts

In honor of A. H. Alexander, MD
Ann and Mark Hansen

In honor of Charlotte Alexander, MD
Ann and Mark Hansen

In honor of Herbert A. Allen

Carol and John Corson

In memory of Harold L. Aronson
Sara Jean and Dick Cardozo

In honor of Elisabeth Avery
Shirley and Ralph Shapiro

In memory of Clark Biedebach
Polly and Eugene Biedebach

In memory of June and George Block
The George and June Block Family Foundation

In honor of Gregg Brinkmeyer
Donna Kelsey

In honor of Tony Buoncristiani, MD
Beverly McVay
Judith Teller Kaye

In memory of Edward Cook
Nancy and Charlie Cord

In honor of Dan Fairman, MD
Beverly McVay
Jean D. Mickelson

In honor of Frank L. Fiaschetti, MD

Susan and Jonathon Dolgen

In honor of Chip Fisher
Stanley R. Zax

In honor of Jenny Gatehouse
Hebert and Phil Hebert
Missy and Peter Cook
Emily Cromwell
Nicky and Mark Elsbree
Lelia and Frank Harrington
Hebert Family
Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel
Lia and Dale Johnson
Doran and Chris Key
Kathy Kronick
Lavallee Family
William Schoeffler
Leigh and Jeff Schwartz
Hallie Shealy

In honor of Morley Golden
The Carlos A. Cordeiro Foundation

In honor of Janet and Bill Hill
Lou Ann and Sean Terry

In honor of Benjamin Holmes and Carol Scheifele Holmes
Jana Paley

In honor of Bruce C. Jensen
Christy and Phil Neuhoff

In memory of Marie Kagan
Julie Firestone
Rod Kagan

In memory of Rod Kagan
Michelle and Stuart Shanus

In memory of Edith T. and Robert J. Kee
Jan and John Kee

In honor of Sharon Kensinger
Rebecca McCarver

In honor of Susie Koharski
Anna B. Tauer

In memory of Lucy Leider
Robert Leider

In honor of Royal McClure, MD

Barbara and Richard Shelton
Ann and Robert Wright

In honor of A. P. McLaughlin, MD
Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel
Robert and Betty Stone
Buddy and Shay Wilton

In honor of P. Scott McLean, Jr., MD
The Ochsman Foundation, Inc., Esther and Michael Ochsman
Ann and Philip Puchner

In memory of J. Dale Mizer
Mrs. Mary Mizer

In honor of Leigh Morse, MD
Betty and Robert Stone

In memory of David Nalen
Kim and Craig Nalen

In memory of Joannie and James A. Patterson
Susie Patterson

In honor of Gail Plowman
Russ Horn

In memory of Shirley Renick
Donna Phebus

In honor of Debra Robertson, MD
Sarah and William Robertson

In memory of Josie Robertson
Becky and Pete Smith

In honor of Janet Rosenquist, MD

In memory of Raul Ernesto
Romero Mejia
Cheryle S. Hall

In honor of St. Luke’s Wood River
Emergency Department


In honor of Judith and Richard Smooke
Michelle and Stuart Shanus

In honor of Abraham Verghese, MD
Joseph J. Keon

In memory of Nick Vanoff
Felisa Vanoff

In memory of Von Weems
Patricia Weems

In honor of Penny Weiss
Nancy M. Crandall
Stephen E. Wall

In memory of Bari Kelleher Williams
Leigh and James Everitt

In honor of Jeri L. Waxenberg-Wolfson
Lexa and David Ayer
Margery G. Friedlander
Geri and John Herbert
Sandy and Mike Shepard
Rudy F. Weissenberg



Endowment Gifts
Endowed funds held by St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation provide current and long-term support for capital equipment, programs, and services. The principal of each endowed fund is invested in accordance with the Foundation’s Investment Policy and earnings are spent in consultation with each fund’s donors, and at the discretion of the board of directors.

We are grateful to the following visionary individuals and foundations who have established endowed funds in the St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation to provide financial security for the medical center well into the future.

Endowed Funds of $1 Million or More
Emergency Services Endowment Fund
Because Emergency Services are our community’s highest health care priority, the hospital has built an emergency response network that coordinates care from a patient’s initial 911 call through arrival at the hospital. This network includes board-certified emergency physicians and highly trained nurses who provide the best possible care for patients suffering from heart attack, stroke, or serious injury. Your gift will help us build a $10 million Emergency Services Endowment to fund superior emergency care now and for years to come.

Women’s Imaging Center Endowments
To support the state-of-the-art Women’s Imaging Center, which was fully funded by generous community philanthropy in 2009, the Foundation is working to raise $2 million for three Women’s Health Endowments, which will support mammogram scholarships, ensure state-of-the-art technology, and provide essential education and outreach.

Endowed Funds of $500,000 or More
The P. Scott McLean Endowment
Fund for Staff Education
Created by the Boswell Family Foundation in 2005, this fund ensures that staff will have access to training to further their expertise and knowledge about best practices in patient care. P. Scott McLean Jr., MD assists with advising the fund.



Engl Family Endowment Fund
Created in 1973 by the Peggy Emery Engl Descendants’ Trust, this fund represents the first endowment held by the Foundation. Annual distributions, which are made in consultation with members of the Engl Family, support the hospital’s priority needs. Recent earnings helped build and equip the new Women’s Imaging Center.

Endowed Funds of $100,000 or More
The Carol and Pat McLaughlin, MD Endowment Fund for St. Luke’s Wood River Employee Medical Expenses
Shay and Buddy Wilton created this fund in 2009 to provide need-based assistance for St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center employees and their families to help with co-payments for medical expenses.

Endowed Funds of $75,000 or More
The Deer Creek Fund
This fund, established and advised by Lynn Campion-Waddell, Tom Campion, Ashley Campion, and Berit Campion, provides ongoing support for the hospital’s priority needs; in particular, for enhancements to emergency medical services.

Endowed Funds of $25,000 or More
Carl A. Gray Memorial Award Fund
Established in 1991 by Harvey Gray, Carl Gray’s son, this fund honors the memory of an avid Sun Valley Ski Club member while also celebrating excellence in nursing care.




Planned Gifts

Myrle and Buzz Bradshaw
Gay and Bill Fruehling
Hilary and Bryan Furlong
Benjamin Holmes and Carol Scheifele–Holmes
David H. Lindow
P. Scott McLean Jr., MD

James O. Moore
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Joan Donaldson Robb Mickelson*
Martha and Travis Reed
Rolanda and James Vaughn
Delores and William Winslow*

*In memoriam



Gifts In Kind to the Foundation

Lexa and David Ayer
Robert Bell
Myrle and Buzz Bradshaw
David Guyett

Geri and John Herbert
Dev Khalsa
Jan and Mike Turzian
Willow Papery




Gifts to St. Luke's YAK! – Youth Adult Konnections
Thank you to the following donors for their support of St. Luke's YAK!, an initiative of the Blaine County Youth Partnership and the Blaine County Teen Advisory Council, which promotes programs to help youth and adults build healthy relationships.

Blaine County Commissioners
Blaine County School District
OwenHouse Promotions



St. Luke's Wood RIver Volunteer Core
2010 Winter Ball Sponsors and Donors

Arnold and Susan Blair
Boise Radiology Group
Phil Doerflein
Dayle Fowler
Len and Carol Harlig
River Sage Stables
St. Luke’s Health System Executives
St. Luke’s Wood River Anesthesia Group
St. Luke’s Wood River Emergency Physicians
St. Luke’s Wood River Hospital Board
Bill and Sharon Shubin
Sun Valley Company
Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group

Paddle Donors

: Dayle Fowler

$2,500: Bill and Sharon Shubin

$1,100: Scott and Sara Nelson

Lyman Drake
Jim and Margie Hill
John and Jan Kee
George Kirk
Mike and Linda Menser
Terry and Susie Ring
Jon and Linda Thorson
John and Julie Waltz

Gary and Carolyn Fletcher
Mick and Jennifer Halverson
Ben Holmes and Carol Scheifle-Holmes
Ross and Martha Jennings
Jeff and Nancy Mihalic
Kingsley and Cynthia Murphy
Steve and Linda Tracy
Richard and Penny Weiss

Jack and Sarah Blumenstein
Adrienne Edens
Alan and Julie Richardson
Neil and Julie Seigel

Dale and Linda Closner
Bob and Suzanne Cunningham
Sharon Hammer
Rea Hook
Sharon Kensinger
Peter and Julie La Fleur
Frank and Holly Lawson
Peter and Sandra Maier
Marvin Miles
David and Sharron Murray
Phillip Neuhoff
Bob and Lynne Nicholson
John and Linda O’Connor
Chris and Michelle Peck
Patricia Pemberton
Mike and Elaine Phillips
Jeff Taylor
Jerry Duncan and Jeanne Thompson
Wayne and Christine Willich

Raffle Donors
Cactus Petes Resort Casino
John and Karin Davies
Eagle Hills Golf Course/David Beggrow
Bob and Lynne Nicholson
Sun Valley Company/Tim Silva


St. Luke's Wood River Foundation strives to provide accurate recognition of our donors. If you feel there has been an error or omission, please contact the Foundation Office at (208) 727-8416, so that we may correct our records. Thank you.

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